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Types Of Storm Shelters We Offer

Underground Garage Shelters

Underground Garage Shelters

At Preferred Storm Shelters OKC, all of our underground garage storm shelters and above ground garage safe rooms are the most innovative on the market today. Our OKC Storm Shelters are tested at Texas Tech University and exceed FEMA standards. We can also help you decide which of our storm shelters will work best for the protection of your family. We want our family to help protect yours in the event of a severe storm.

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Concrete Storm Shelters

Concrete Storm Shelters

Our Concrete Storm Shelters OKC meet and exceed FEMA 320-361 and ICC 500 standards and come standard with 5 non slip steps, a double handrail and are 6’2 Tall. Plus, all concrete storm shelters can be decoratively stamped and stained. All of our storm shelters are built for safety, comfort and long life expectancy. Our goal is to provide a safe space where you and your family can survive a tornado. Our OKC storm shelters experts are here to answer all your questions.

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Steel Safe Rooms

Steel Safe Rooms

Steel Safe Rooms have rapidly become a widely accepted storm shelter for today’s consumer who is looking for maximum above ground tornado protection. At Preferred Storm Shelters, we offer pre-manufactured steel safe rooms up to 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 6.17 ft. tall for exterior and interior applications, as well as custom safe rooms built to suit — the custom built tornado shelters market has never been this intuitive. Our Steel Safe Rooms will meet and exceed you okc storm shelters needs.

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Preferred Storm Shelters OKC’s is a premier Storm Shelters and safe room company in Oklahoma. We believe in excellence and guarantee to provide you with the Best Storm Shelter that fits your needs.

We manufacture all of our high end storm shelters in Oklahoma City and service storm shelters customers all over the state of Oklahoma. Are you looking for the best storm shelter possible for your family? Then give us a call for a no-obligation consultation at (405)-702-1717 or fill out the quotes form on this page.

If you live in Oklahoma, then you already know the serious threat posed by tornadoes. We are proud to be the leader in Storm Shelters OKC and have been installing the best Underground Concrete Storm Shelters, Underground Garage Storm Shelters,  Above Ground Storm Shelters and a variety of world class Safe Rooms.

Why Choose Preferred Storm Shelters OKC

Preferred Shelters builds a complete line of above ground storm shelters to underground storm shelters, including underground garage storm shelters,concrete safe rooms and steel safe rooms.

All of our concrete shelters can be stamped and stained gray block or brown flagstone to match design aesthetics that may be important to individual property owners.

Our below ground storm shelters are available in four sizes with a sloped front or flat top to fit a variety of spaces.

Tested & Patented

At Preferred Storm Shelters OKC, all of our storm shelters are tested at Texas Tech National Wind Institute and they all exceed FEMA standards. Our underground storm shelters, tornado shelters, and above ground safe rooms are some of the most innovative on the market today.

Install Before Storm

Before the next storm, let us help you decide what kind of storm shelter will best protect your family. Call storm shelters OKC experts @ (405) 702-1717 or click here to contact us and one of our Storm Shelter Experts will get right back with you!

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We can help you be ready before the next tornado strikes in your area by installing world class, OKC Storm Shelters from the most trusted name in the business. Call us @ (405) 702-1717 or click the button to request a FREE storm shelter installation estimate.

Texas Tech University National Wind Institute

Watch the Texas Tech F5 tornado rated impact test.

Our durable, patented Steel Garage Storm Shelter PASSED the Texas Tech F5 Tornado Rated Impact Test with flying colors.