Are You Prepared For The Next Tornado?

You do not have to be afraid. At Preferred Shelters, all of our underground garage storm shelters and above ground safe room shelters are the most innovative on the market today. Our shelters are tested at Texas Tech National Wind Institute and they all exceed FEMA standards. Let us help you decide which shelter will protect your family the best. WE CAN HELP SAVE YOUR LIFE.


Garage Storm Shelters

Garage storm shelters, have become premium options for many suburban homes in the fight against the threat of tornadoes. We offer steel garage storm shelters in three sizes protecting up to 16 people. Read More


Underground Storm Shelters

Preferred Shelters builds all its underground tornado shelters for safety, comfort and long life expectancy, providing a space where you and your family can survive a tornado, hurricane or other disaster.

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Safe Rooms

We offer pre-manufactured rooms up to 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 6.17 ft. tall for exterior and interior applications, as well as custom safe rooms built to suit — the custom built tornado shelters market has never been this intuitive.

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Preferred Storm Shelters
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Preferred Storm Shelters in Oklahoma City builds a complete line of shelters. From above ground storm shelters to underground shelters, including underground garage storm shelters, concrete safe rooms and steel safe rooms. We offer products and services that are taking storm safety protection into the future. Our below ground shelters are available in four sizes with a sloped front or flat top to fit a variety of spaces. All of our concrete shelters can be stamped and stained gray block or brown flagstone to match design aesthetics that may be important to individual property owners. We can help you be ready before the next tornado strikes in your area? Call us @ (405) 702-1717 or fill out the form below for a FREE storm shelter installation estimate.

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Watch the Texas Tech F5 tornado rated impact test.

Our durable, patented Steel Garage Storm Shelter PASSED the Texas Tech F5 Tornado Rated Impact Test with flying colors.