Financing Your Storm Shelter

Preferred Shelters has done a little research storm_shelter_financing for you to help take some of the stress out of buying a storm shelter. We found the following shelter financing options:

Whenever you’re weighing your financing options, it is usually a good idea to utilize credit union financing because these not-for-profit organizations are not in the business to profit, but to return the profitability to their clients. This usually brings lower interest rates on their loans. As mentioned earlier, Preferred Shelters has done some of the research in finding you some credible shelter financing institutions, but we recommend that you continue your research as well.

Shelter Grants & Rebates:

In regards to storm shelter rebates and grants, finding money to reduce your out of pocket expenses that you don’t have to pay back is very meaningful. The Red Cross and FEMA have awarded a lot of funding to local city municipalities who in return offer the money to their communities in various ways. Preferred Shelters has helped numerous families locate storm shelter rebates & grants. The following are a few examples of resources we found in our research:

At Preferred Shelters, we recommend that you and continue your research to discover other possible resources we may have missed. Call us if we can help you. We are always happy to answer questions regarding storm shelter financing, storm shelter installation, and rebate and grant information.