Underground Garage Storm Shelters

Underground Garage Storm Shelters

Underground garage storm shelters have become premium options for underground_garage_shelter_okc
many suburban homes in the fight against Mother Nature. At Preferred Shelters, we are experts in keeping families safe from the terror caused by these storms. We offer underground garage storm shelters and above ground garage safe rooms in three sizes to protect families of up to 14 people. All of our shelters have passed the all-important Texas Tech Impact Test to withstand flying debris from the deadliest of EF5 twisters.

Our Underground Garage Shelters Feature These Primary Elements:


¼-inch Steel Plate Doors
Seven Locking Points
Protective Coating for Water and Corrosion
Two spring loaded sliding steel latched locking points
4 steel chain locking points
Steps are removable providing shelter for up to 9 people
Solid steel enclosed door rollers



 medium_garage_shelterSize Chart:

 Small Garage Shelter

  • 3 ft x 6 ft” x 4.5 ft″
  • Accommodates 4-6 People

 Medium Garage Shelter

  • 3 ft ” x 7 ft” x 4.8 ft″
  • Accommodates 6-8 People

 Large Garage Shelter

  • 5 ft″ x 7 ft” x 5.5 ft″
  • Accommodates 8-12 People

 Extra Large Garage Shelter

  • 5 ft″ x 6 ft″ x 7 ft″
  • Accommodates 12-16 People

At Preferred Shelters, all of our underground garage shelters and above ground garage safe rooms are the most innovative on the market today. Our shelters are tested at Texas Tech University and exceed FEMA standards. We can also help you decide which of our shelters will work best for the protection of your family. We want our family to help protect yours in the

In-ground Garage Storm Shelters -1

event of a severe storm.

From above ground garage safe rooms to underground garage storm shelters, including concrete safe rooms and even steel safe rooms, we offer products and services that are taking storm safety and protection into the future.

One of the safest places to be during a tornado is underground. Our in-ground storm shelters are a unique deluxe option because they can be installed in your garage and don’t require the underground_garage_shelteruse of valuable square-footage. What’s more, your vehicle can be parked safely over the shelter, still allowing access to your car or truck when needed.