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Preferred Shelters offers a wide range of storm shelters in OKC (Oklahoma City), including tornado shelters, underground garage shelters, concrete shelters and steel safe rooms. To protect yourself and your family during the next tornado season, you need a quality storm shelter that will stand up to the severe weather Oklahoma is known for. Gain a new source of safety and enjoy peace of mind with a new OKC storm shelter residents trust, Preferred Shelters.

Types of Storm Shelters We Sell.

  • Garage Storm Shelters – Installed inside your existing garage for fast and convenient protection
  • Underground Storm Shelters – Installed outside the home, in the ground for optimal safety
  • Above Ground Storm Shelters – Installed above the ground when underground storm shelters are not an option
  • Concrete Safe Rooms – Installed anywhere in or around the home and constructed with reinforced concrete
  • Steel Safe Rooms – Installed anywhere in or around the home and constructed with solid steel

All of our OKC storm shelters can provide ample protection for your family during a tornado or heavy thunderstorm. If you live in the Oklahoma City area, call Preferred Storm Shelters today at (405) 702-1717 to learn more about our storm shelter OKC installation services. We will help you decide what the best option is for your home or office.

Financing Solutions for Oklahoma City Storm Shelters

Being a leader in OKC Storm Shelters, we have a number of financing options for you. Visit our storm shelter financing department to learn more about our flexible payment plans. We offer a wide range of lending solutions to help you get the shelter you need without paying the full cost upfront. Call (405) 702-1717 to speak to one of our shelter financing experts, and be sure to ask about your opportunities for grants and rebates.

Get a Quote Today for Your Tornado Shelter

Contact Preferred Storm Shelters at (405) 702-1717 to get your free quote for a storm shelter. We can provide you with a preliminary price quote over the phone, or we can schedule a time to come out for a consultation. An in-person consultation will allow us to see what kind of storm shelter would best fit your needs so we can provide the most accurate service quote possible. The free quote will include taxes, installation, and dirt hauls, so you will know exactly what you are paying from the start.

Trust Preferred Storm Shelters to protect your home and family during the next heavy storm season.


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