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What Storm Shelter Clients Say About Our Recent Shelter Installations

At Preferred Storm Shelters OKC,  we love our clients, and do all we can to do the best installation job for them. It’s very fulfilling to have clients love our work and give great feedback on our Preferred Storm Shelters Google Reviews page. Our storm shelter clients keep referring their friends and family because of their experience with our team. Without wasting time, here are some of the latest storm shelter reviews about our work:

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installing storm shelters

Top 4 Reasons That Keep Homeowners From Installing A Storm Shelter

Storm Shelter Roadblocks

All of us must have heard, seen, or experienced the damages, losses, and heartaches that come with storm shelter These storms are the likes of Tornados and Hurricanes. They cause extensive damages and deaths whenever they hit. Regardless of this knowledge, many people still have not installed storm shelters. They have always found one reason or the other not to have the storm shelters installed. We have listed below five reasons why people do not install storm shelters, and how to overcome those reasons to give your family safety and comfort.


Most people have not installed storm shelters in their homes or businesses due to lack of funds. However, sourcing funds from various institutions can overcome this reason. At Preferred Storm Shelters OKC provide links to financing applications on our websites for a couple of financial institutions offering competitive rates on storm shelter loans. You may also call us, and we shall provide you with their contacts information or other facilities as well. We also accept credit cards from reputable companies such as Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express.    

Lack of knowledge

The majority of the people do not know where to start when it comes to choosing and installation of storm shelters in their homes or businesses. If you do not know the last thing about storm shelters, then you need to learn. Visit our website we have plenty of information on the types, models how to and procedures for installation. You can also call us, and we shall take you through all the things that you need to know for your storm shelters.

FEMA approved storm installation companies

You might not have installed your storm shelter yet probably because you do not know whom to go to and who is or is not FEMA approved. All of our shelters and safe rooms always meet and even exceed FEMA standards. We have the published set of standards in FEMA Publication P-320 and P-361 that have been derived from the international code council’s ICC 500 concerning minimum standards for storm shelters and safe rooms. We also have Engineer stamped plans, for multiple states across the USA, to show that all of our storm shelter units meet or even exceed the FEMA standards. Our storm shelters have also been impact tested and certified. If this reason is what was holding you back, well now you know.

Documentation required for installation of Storm Shelters

The requirements regarding documentation and the permits needed from the authorities to install storm shelters in your home and businesses. You need just a few documents, which we have listed below for ease of reference;

a)    Completed building permit application.

b)    Letter regarding flotation for in ground and slope-top shelter.

c)    Floor Plan for in- garage or in-house shelters.

d)   Site plan for outdoor shelters. You can use your mortgage survey or aerial photograph of the property.

These documents are easy to get and if you are stuck do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not shy away from getting a storm shelter for your family. We can help you go through all the processes and financing needed to get you a storm shelter.

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Tornado Tree damage

7 Little Known Facts About Tornadoes

Oklahoma experiences a huge number of tornadoes that occur in the United States. As such, Oklahomans are keen to all things tornadoes, especially during the tornado season. But what do we really know about tornadoes? For many people, tornadoes are just those things you see circling from the clouds to the ground. In this article, we’ll look at some very interesting facts about tornadoes, and some of these little known facts will blow your mind! Well, maybe just excite you.

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Tornado Damage - Flooding

Tips On Preventing Flood Water From Ruining Your Home

This year, Oklahoma has received record rainfall. It’s July and we’re experiencing even more rain, which is helping cool our hot summer.  Rain is always welcome to our state, but when it turns into flooding, it can destroy a lot of property and even cause fatalities. Poor drainage in a number of areas in the state and already full lakes and creeks make it easier for flooding to occur in places that it would otherwise not. In this article we’ll discuss tips to keep you and your family safe during Oklahoma flash floods, and controlling flood water.

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Oklahoma Storm Shelters

Why Underground Storm Shelters Are Homeowner’s Best Choice

Underground storm shelters are the most preferred choice for a majority of homeowners. We have seen over time in this business that underground storm shelters provide a lot of great qualities that homeowners appreciate. If you’re looking for a detailed list of underground storm shelters benefits, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll look at why homeowners prefer this type of storm shelters by large numbers.

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Preparing for Storm Season

How To Prepare For The Next Storm Season This Summer

Oklahoma storm season tends to take a break in summer. When summer comes, we all forget about those dreadful months when we had to battle snow and ice, high winds, and tornado warnings. We have lived to see another summer! When you think about it, however, summer is the best time for us to prepare for the next severe storm. Summer is full of energy and it always feels like we have more time to our days than any other time of the year.

More sun, more energy

We all love summer because our days are longer because the sun is up for longer than any other times of the year. The extra time we have, and the warmer weather allows us to engage in activities outdoors. This makes for a perfect time to engage in activities around the house that can help prepare us for the next severe storm.

Trim tree branches in your backyard

One of the most important tasks you should do is to trim branches of trees near your home. Weak branches are very dangerous during severe storms. They can be picked up by severe winds and used as weapons to destroy your house. Sometimes these branches can easily break under the weight of snow or ice and fall on your roof. Any of these scenarios can cause thousands of dollars in damages and injuries.

Consider installing a storm shelter

Storm shelters are a great investment against Oklahoma severe storms. When it comes to protecting those you love from tornados and other severe storms, this is your best bet. You have about 3 choices of storm shelters from Preferred Storm Shelters OKC. You can have underground concrete shelter, underground garage shelter, or a steel safe room. All these storm shelters have been tested to withstand strong winds and f5 tornados and would provide a safe shelter against these storms.

Inspect your roof

During severe storms, roofs are usually the most affected. Ensuring you have a healthy roof that can withstand these storms is key to surviving them. If you have a weak roof, it’ll make it easier for severe storms to affect the rest of the house.

Contact a licensed professional roofer to inspect your roof and give you an idea of how things are. Don’t try to do it yourself. It may seem easier to get up on the roof but it’s extremely dangerous. If your roof needs repair or replacement then contact your insurance for recommendation of a good roofer. Doolittle Roofing OKC is a great recommendation for an Oklahoma roofing company.

As you enjoy your summer, consider doing the above tasks to plan ahead for the next Oklahoma severe storm season.

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Keeping your home cool

5 Tips To Keep Your Home Cool

The Oklahoma summer of 2016 is very hot. We’re experiencing temperatures of over 95 most days and there are even triple digits on some days. Keeping your home cool can be a big challenge. Old air conditioning systems are just not pumping out enough cold air to keep rooms of your home cool enough. Then there’s always the fear of running a large expense of electricity or gas bill as you try to get your home cool.

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outside storm shelters and Safe Rooms

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Storm Shelter

Buying a storm shelter is a big decision. You know it’s the right thing to do because it provides protection for your whole family in case of tornados and other severe storms. But a big purchase like this requires that you spend some time thinking about to make sure that you decide on the right type. We understand, and in this article we will look at 5 top questions people have and provide detailed answers to them. Hopefully you’ll feel better at the end of this article.

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