Storm Shelters

Types Of Shelters We Install

Preferred Shelters builds a complete line of storm shelters. From underground garage shelters and concrete safe rooms to above ground steel safe rooms, we offer products and services that are taking storm safety and protection into the future. Our below ground shelters are available in four sizes with a sloped front or flat top to fit a variety of spaces. All of our concrete shelters can be stamped and stained with gray block or brown flagstone to match design aesthetics that may be important to individual property owners. We can help you be ready the next time a tornado strikes in your area?


MediumTornado Shelter Sizing Details

Slope front shelters

  • 72″ x 96″ Accommodates 12 People
  • 84″ x 120″ Accommodates 16 People

 Flat front shelters

  • 60″ x 84″ Accommodates 9 People
  • 84″ x 120″ Accommodates 16 People

Some Vital Notes on Shelters.

All of our shelter products are certified and have been designed by expert engineers well-versed in the rigors of storm shelter building. That is why our shelters meet or exceed every standard in the United States. Our company is 100-percent dedicated to building the best storm protection possible while maintaining a very competitive cost to you.

The recommended “interior room or closet” of your home might not be enough if a deadly tornado hits. This is reason why many people living in or around tornado alley choose to build or buy a family storm shelter or safe room. While there’s no one authority that can tell you what the best storm shelter is, nor can the federal government endorse a specific type of storm shelter as being “the best”, safety standards for storm shelters and shelter components have been established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This ensures that those caught in the midst of storm devastation will be protected during most tornadoes. The National Storm Shelter Association has also established a shelter standard.

We can help you decide what the right type of storm shelter is for your home and your family based on tireless tests and the aforementioned guidelines. Give us a call today @ (405) 702-1717.