Concrete Storm Shelters

Most Preferred Concrete Storm Shelters

concrete outside shelters

At Preferred Shelters OKC our Concrete Storm and Tornado Shelters meet and exceed FEMA 320-361 and ICC 500 standards and come standard with 5 non slip steps, a double handrail, and are 6’2 Tall. Our installation typically takes 3-4 hours. We use all the excess dirt around our slope front shelters as a berm for extra protection. Installation is included in our price quotes however, dirt removal is an additional charge.

Concrete Storm shelters are most ideal for customers who want to have a separate structure and so we work hard to ensure that your concrete storm shelter will blend in with the surrounding. Indeed these concrete storm shelters will be a nice addition to your backyard.

If protecting your family is important to you, then give us a call and schedule installation of a concrete storm shelter in our home. Call: (405) 702-1717.

Can our Install Truck get to where you want the shelter installed?

  • 10 ft wide on a straight line to the hole
  • 15ft wide if we have to turn
  • 14ft tall (check: tree branches, house eves and overhead electric lines)
  • 45,000 LBS (we don’t like to drive over things that can break)

Still not sure our trucks can fit? No problem, give us a call and we will discuss your property and use our map program to determine if we can get in to install. Also, we would be happy to come out in person to check your space and discuss the right shelter for you.


Ok, You have plenty of room for a shelter. Time to pick style and size.

       Slope Front                                                        Flat Top

  1. 6x8x6’2  tall                                                   1. 5x7x6’2 tall
  2. 7x10x6’2 tall                                                  2. 7x10x6’2 tall

* all concrete shelters can be decoratively stamped and stained

Things to do before we Arrive

  1. call 811 (okie) to locate all under ground lines. Even if you know where all your lines are, its still better to be safe
  2. get a permit if you are in an area that requires a permit.
  3. mark the area you want the shelter

*We will call you the day before your install to make sure the area is located, permit obtained and we have the right address. we will also let you know what time we will be arriving.

Here are a few images showing how we install our shelters.

Financing Your Concrete Storm Shelter

We work with a number of banks and lending companies and would love to assist you in finding a financing option that is right for you. Learn more about financing your storm shelter here.

The bottom line is this: at Preferred Storm Shelters OKC , we build all of our underground concrete storm shelters for safety, comfort and long life expectancy. Our goal is to provide a space where you and your family can survive a tornado. We offer products and services that are taking storm safety and protection into the future. From above ground storm shelters to underground storm shelters, garage storm shelters, concrete safe rooms and even steel safe rooms. Call us today @ (405) 702-1717 for more information.